Custom Design

   Smart Shop-Jewelry provides service of creating custom-made engagement, wedding rings and bridal sets!
   Everything is held to exceptional standards. Our Highly qualified, talented designers with experience of creating in Europe and the     USA constantly follow traditions and fashion to create unique rings. Our collection strive to satisfy any preferences. Refined classic, fashionable modern or completely unique to your personal style!
    High-quality metals, impeccable performance using the latest technology in manufacturing, allow us to create jewelry that will delight you and impress others!
    A wide range of choice of diamonds and metal purity will fit most of the budget.
    We have our own manufactory, located in USA, so the production time is short. Many of already presented models are available in stock!

     SmartShop-Jewelry guarantee ,every jewelry piece is caste is made from high quality precious metals. Selection of quality silver, gold and platinum metals.
      Only Certified Diamonds, Gemstones, different sizes, shapes, colors and quality!